17/07/2018 07:00pm the Hive Wan Chai

Zero Waste! Zero Chemicals! DIY Workshop and Demonstration

Zero waste pioneer Hannah Chung and wellness advocate Louise Corbett from Exceptional Existence are joining forces to bring you a very special zero waste and zero chemicals workshop and demonstration.

Hannah will be sharing tips on how to be more eco-conscious to start cutting down your waste and Louise will be demonstrating how easy (and cheap!) it is to make your own beauty and household products. She will be teaching you how to make your own chemical-free body scrub, flouride free toothpaste, cream cleanser, make up remover pads, multi purpose cleaner and mattress cleaner.

Come and learn about beauty and household eco-alternatives you can start using today for a greener, healthier and happier lifestyle!

Tickets are $250 and available on Pelago: http://pelago.me/ZeroWaste

About Hannah Chung:
Hannah Chung is currently on a zero waste challenge; she seeks eco-alternatives and green solutions for everyday living while aiming to achieve zero waste in Hong Kong. Originally from London, she’s been shocked to see the lack of infrastructures in place for waste management and recycling in this city, and aims to spread the word on the extent of the problem and how the individual can make a difference simply by making a few changes.

About Louise Corbett:
Louise is a wellness advocate who believes that when you live a balanced life, you live the best life. Louise is an intuitive guide, certified raw food chef, Meditation/Gym/Yoga junkie and believes that what you put onto, into and around your body will affect your emotional, physical and spiritual state. That doesn’t only cover food and beauty/cleaning products but also the thoughts you put into your mind. It all matters. Once you take control of that (aka get ‘above the mind’), your life will begin to change.

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